Wildfire has been the hallmark of a true Churrascaria in New Zealand since 1999. Yes, we started in the last century. Our reputation is everything to us and has allowed us to remain successful through various events both nationally and globally.
We live by our philosophy, to be consistent, treating every guest as a special guest and keeping our food simple, yet flavoursome.

To give you an idea of our longevity and events since we started, here's a list of some events that have occured since Wildfire began :

- 1999 - Wildfire opened its doors in Auckland
           - The Euro Currency was introduced

- 2000 - First time the America's Cup was held in New Zealand

- 2002 - First ever episode of American Idol aired on TV

- 2004 - Facebook launched (for Ivy League students only)

- 2006 - Twitter launched & Facebook was made available to the public 

- 2008 - Global Financial Crisis (yes, we survived and succeeded through this)

- 2010 - Instagram launched

- 2011 - All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup in Auckland

- 2013 - Edward Snowden put his life on the line

- 2015 - All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup again! 

As you can see, Wildfire has been around for a while and can easily tell stories of some of New Zealand's and the world's most significant events.